Whether its designing new products or supporting your existing products, our design team can help you meet your form, fit, function and pricing requirements.


Helping you turn your product idea’s into a reality.

Our creative and experienced design team can take your product from specification generation through to final production and assembly.

Our Design Services Include:

  • Electronic Design 
  • Software and Firmware Design 
  • PCB Layout  
  • Motion Control Design (Motor Drive and Motor Sub-Systems) 
  • Mechanical Design Support 
  • Design for Manufacture and Test (Cost Efficient Solutions)
  • Test System Development (Custom Test Rig Design and Manufacture)


Yes, our team use Altium and Proteus PCB layout packages and can lay out new designs or make amendments to existing designs. Whether you need to add/remove components, change the size and shape of your PCB or just need help finishing your design; our team can support.

Our team specialise in DFM (Design for Manufacture).

We can review your existing design with the objective of reducing cost. This can be done by:

  • Reducing material costs (design changes or sourcing alternatives)
  • Making the product easier/more efficient to manufacture (reducing labour costs)

Yes, we can design your product for ease of testing. Testing can be labour intensive and therefore time consuming. Our team can provide solutions that streamline your functional tests.


Our core purpose is to create and provide high quality products, services and processes. To achieve this, we focus on innovation and continual improvement using the rich knowledge source within our company.

Through collaboration with partners, we aim to be a leading innovator and a trusted provider of these products and services in all sectors that we serve.

We currently manufacture for a range of sectors including:

  • Defence & Aerospace
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mobility & Medical
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial & Agricultural
  • Automotive

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