Motor Drive Design

An innovative motor drive design allowing remote control of independent mobile platforms.

The Makar design team have completed the design of a motion controller which can control multiple motors which remotely operate wheel systems on mobile/manoeuvrable platforms.

Involved in the project was the design of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) encapsulated in an IP68 enclosure. Separate to this, an independent, customised remote controller was designed with joystick movement and an LCD display screen.

The intelligence of the motor drive design comes in the bespoke firmware which allows the precise movement of heavy mobile platforms (trailers, vehicles and other manoeuvrable platforms with multiple wheels).

This product is designed for a medium volume market. One of the main design objectives was therefore to ensure low cost materials were specified without reducing the quality of the product. DFM (Design for Manufacture) was carried out to guarantee highly efficient manufacture which in turn keeps costs to a minimum.