Congratulations to Phoenix Instinct on winning the $1 million prize through the Toyota Mobility Unlimited Challenge.

In 2017, the Toyota Mobility Foundation launched a $4 million challenge, which including many stages over 3 years. Designers and innovators were invited to come up with radical improvements in the mobility and independence of people with lower-limb paralysis through smarter assistive technology.

Makar Technologies partnered with Phoenix Instinct back in 2018 to work on the winning ultra-lightweight manual wheelchair made from carbon-fibre.

Toyota Mobility Phoenix I

Phoenix I Intelligent Wheelchair

The smart electronics, developed in conjunction with Phoenix Instinct and manufactured by our team, function both the centre of gravity and power assist features. The software intelligence provides enhanced ease of pushing, agility and stability functions never seen before in wheelchairs.

Out of a total of 80 entries and 5 finalists, Phoenix Instinct were the only UK entry.

On the 17th December, they were crowned the winners at a live-streamed online event, securing the $1 million Toyota Mobility prize.

We look forward to continuing the development in 2021, supporting Phoenix Instinct in taking the Intelligent Wheelchair to market.